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I have nothing else, I have to live in and of love

 ”I have nothing else, I have to live in and of love”, writes Flemish nun and mystic Hadewijch from Antwerpen. She lived in 1200s and she is known of the mystic poetry of love. Hadewijch from Antwerpen called love in seven names: love is a chain, light, coal, fire, dew or babtism, fountain or hell. Which one in each person, depends on him/her and circumstances in life.

I call my self a hope researcher. I am interested of what is hope and where it comes from? Why someone is hopeful and the other one hopeless in same situation? If you you are interested of hope you’ll eventually become interested of pain and suffering, sorrow, vulnerability, joy, creativity and compassion. Hope, as well as love is not only about emotions, it is about acting. It is acts towards to one you believe in being behind of all this, towards yourself and towards to all living creatures.

There is another seven names for love and they are Agape, Amor, Eros, Philautia, Philia, Pragma and Ludus. They are all about emotions but also acts.

Agape means divine love from God who has created us human beings as His image. God’s love is patient and compassionate, truthful and eternal.
Amor and Eros are small sized chubby round brothers, wings on their backs representing passionate love, sexual attraction and strong feelings to other person. I guess many of you have met Amor’s arrow, it doesn’t leave you cold in any sense.
Philia is a form of warm love to your family and friends. It is bonding with people close to you and sense of belonging.
Philautia is you. The one who should look at you in loving eyes, talk to you in supportive voice and applause you when you succeed.
Pragma makes strong marriage. It is realistic expectations to your spouse, willingness to compromise and good deeds in family. It is love towards grandchildren. It is strong, patient and approving love. You practise pragma when you stay even if you would like to escape and seek for harmony when you feel like arguing.
The last love is Ludus. It is a joy of life and living in ease. It offers an escape from daily routines and worries. Ludus is parental love and love to your pets.
It is Ludus that we are here today to celebrate wedding couple's three year old marriage. There has been plenty of love between them and to their children.

If you sometimes feel like there is no love in your life or that love has faded, think again. I am sure that even if brothers Amor and Eros have left due to the harsh daily routines, there is still some Pragma left in shared refrigerator and full fuel tank in a car. There must be Philia, one friend to call and some family members who still love you no matter what. Ludus is the laughter at your child’s face and muddy hand on your shoulder. Philautia is the heart itself and Agape is a gift given to you everyday.

Congratulations to married couple and long live love between you two!

Speech in a wedding 5th August 2017. 

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